Thought for the month

Prophecy for Family Christian Church

God has seen your hurt and felt your pain...

And He is saying because you have continued to stand through the trials and through the tribulations it's caused you to trust me now more than ever.

And because of your faithfulness I am going to bring you into a new season of favour, and as part of that favour - the portion of Grace that was poured out on you originally at the birth of your fellowship will also be increased.

Also I am going to pour out my Holy Spirit with such a portion that it's going to cause you to have influence within your community but not like before - this will be even greater.

But I am going to stretch you and I am going to cause you to at times feel like you can't go on - because needing me isn't your weakness it's actually your strength. And I am going to set up camp with you and those that don't know me will call you my people and will also acknowledge me as your God.