Thought for the month


After a successful crusade, someone once asked Billy Graham, ‘Is this revival?’ ‘No’,
he replied. ‘When revival comes we will see 2 things we haven’t seen yet, we will
have a fresh sense of God’s holiness and a heightened awareness of our own sin
and carnality!’
A real encounter with God always brings;
- a greater awareness of our shortcomings
- an acknowledgement of our own inadequacy
- a new humility and hunger for more of God
The wear and tear of life dulls the sharp edges of our spiritual sensitiveness. And
considering our holiness by that of those around us just lulls us into thinking we are
living a consecrated life when we are not. We can fall so far below God’s standards
that when somebody’s actually living by them, they make us uncomfortable.
God wants to bring us all into a new place of intimacy with Him. He wants to produce
in us the character and attractiveness of Christ. When that happens others will
notice the difference because we will have the influence and impact we have never
had before!