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Family Christian Church is an independent pentecostal church working in association with the Assemblies of God of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and are members of Churches Together.

We believe that Jesus’ life, sacrificial death and resurrection two thousand years ago is still completely relevant today and that he alone can make sense of our lives and restore us into the loving arms of God.


Our church building is located half way along Eastwood Road in New Moston, a suburb of North Manchester. We are an all-age group of people who meet each week to encourage each other in the Christian faith using the Bible as our guide.

We would love to see you.


April '17

We don't always know what our future has in store for us, sometimes it will feel
like our futures are completely unknown, but take note of this, there is no need
to worry, there is no need to be afraid because we have a known God.
We have a God that we can trust in, we have a God that we can rely on, we
have a God that is with us in every situation.

If we put our trust in Him 100%, we don't have to worry about our future
because He will guide us through every problem, every situation and every

Take a look at our activities and calendar - there's something for everyone, and you're invited !